#Rebound Opioid Epidemic USA

by Ooh La La! Dolls

Meet Brittney. Brittney is my sHERO. She is breaking down the walls of silence and stigma around addiction in Twin Falls. She is spreading her message of recovery to reach those struggling with addiction. Brittney just launched her start up #REBOUND clothing, a men's and women's recovery brand. I've known Brittney since High School, and remember the day one tragic moment changed her whole life. After surviving a brain injury, months in a coma, like many others taking prescription pain medication, she found herself trapped in a cycle of addiction for years. Brittney is not alone in this struggle. I decided ten years ago that if I was going into business, I would be a social entrepreneur and empower individuals, families and the next generation. Small businesses have a responsibility to influence betterment in their community. Almost every family I meet has a loved one, or knows of family who has a loved one struggling with addiction in Twin Falls. This disease has taken too many loved ones from us, destroyed too many lives. We can not afford to stay silent about the meth and opioid epidemic in our community. I am so proud of Brittney, I understand and respect her struggle. I stand in solitude, in support of her and everyone in their sobriety. REBOUND is the act of bouncing back after hitting something hard. Her brave mission to share her story and help others break the chains of addiction. Proud to mentor Britney with REBOUND and the powerful message of life after addiction of her brand. These inspiring hoodies are available at Ooh La La! proceeds from the sales go towards raising awareness in our community. Keeping silent only continues the stigma. Struggling families are left feeling helpless, ashamed and afraid people will judge. I am not taking away the blame from individuals who make bad choices in life, but the choices people make in life are from the choices they are given. At least for our community in #TwinFalls we can offer better choices. We can start by breaking the silence, ending the stigma. We can stop judging people and support them in recovery. We can form a community coalition, composed of substance abuse counselors, law enforcement, recovery nonprofits, health providers and faith leaders from the community to focus on tackling this epidemic destroying families. We can volunteer and support recovery programs for individuals and families struggling with addiction. We can educate our children and empower families with preventative information through our schools. We can offer long term economic, educational, vocational solutions and address mental health which is one of the biggest elements underlying addiction. Our children deserve a drug free community to actualize their future dreams. Brittney is just one person, but one person who is making a HUGE difference. 🙌❤🙏 #ReboundBrand #BounceBack #BreaktheSilence#StoptheStigma #EndtheCycle #Addiction #OpioidEpidemic #USA #PowerofPartnerships #StartUps #OohlalaBoutique #HealthyCommunity#thisisTwinFalls